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The concept of Find My Cycle was thought up when I had something strange happen to my knee many years ago. A nerve or something was pinched and I could not straighten one of my legs or put any weight on it. I wound up on crutches for several weeks and doctors could not explain what was happening. This was something I obviously did not want a repeat performance of – and it has happened a few times since although not quite as severe as the first time. So doctors advised me to keep a record of what I was doing when this spasm or whatever mystery knee feature I had acted up. I was also told to keep track of any pains or symptoms in relation to my activities. It turns out that bending my knee in a certain way (for example sitting in the lotus position for meditation) caused my trick knee to start performing. Once I knew the cause, I simply had to control it to prevent the effect as far as possible.

So I extended this concept into everyday life. I was curious to find any patterns between my moods, energy levels, luckiness, and happiness and a variety of different factors – what I ate, the lunar cycle, what I drank, who I was with, where I was etc. I identified the variables and started tracking against them to see if I could spot any trends. The point of this site is to help people analyse their behaviours and patterns so they can identify trends they want to repeat or stop.

This site is currently being upgraded and will be up and running soon! Stay tuned!

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